android show keyboard programmatically [duplicate] 2016-08-24    3

This question already has an answer here: How can i set the focus ( and display the keyboard ) on my EditText Programmatically 6 answers i have an edit text field which is disable on the beginning. i would like to set it enable, put the cursor on it

LinkedInCommunicationFailed 2016-08-24    2

final LinkedInOAuthService oauthService = LinkedInOAuthServiceFactory.getInstance().createLinkedInOAuthService(consumerKeyValue, consumerSecretValue); LinkedInRequestToken requestToken = oauthService.getOAuthRequestToken(); I am using LinkedApi libra

Please explain what does the following code mean in c#? [duplicate] 2016-08-24    2

Please explain what does the following code mean in c#? [duplicate]
This question already has an answer here: Bodyless constructor in non-abstract C# class 2 answers I saw a code similar to what mentioned below : public class SomeClass : AnotherClass { public SomeClass(); . . . . } So what is the meaning of the follo

How to destroy/disable slider from ratchet? 2016-08-24    2

I use ratchet.js to slider many images. But now I want to click an element 'a'/'button' trigger the 'slider' method . And I want to destory browser method when we drag/touch page to left .It will turn to next tab . Only allow people to jump by clicki

Why does getCount in adapter is being called so many times? 2016-08-24    4

I have a custom list and it takes few minutes to show-up. When I was trying to check where the problem is, I saw that even when I have only 1 item in the list, the method getCount() is being called 5 times, getVIew() is being called once, an then get

How to list all classes conforming to protocol in Swift? 2016-08-24    1

How to list all classes implementing a given protocol in Swift? Say we have an example: protocol Animal { func speak() } class Cat:Animal { func speak() { print("meow") } } class Dog: Animal { func speak() { print("Av Av!") } } class H

Zoom central image recycler view 2016-08-24    2

Zoom central image recycler view
I have RecyclerView with images. It based on this solution. Images are lazy loaded into view with Glide. I need to add zoom on central image (like on ). How can i do it?2 AnswersThe most direct way to affect what you want is to extend LinearLayoutMan

Transition in bootstrap navbar 2016-08-24    1

I have a navbar in bootstrap <nav class="navbar navbar-default" role="navigation" id="barranav"> I tried to show and hide it with jquery with $( "#barranav" ).slideDown('fast'); and $( "#barranav" ).

How to make carousel smooth scroll to top when next slide and use 'hand carousel' 2016-08-24    1

I use carousel bootstrap 3 to use slide text. When the row#1 text is long to bottom (ex: height 300px) and the row#2 text is too short (ex:just 10px), The problem is we always must scroll to top as manually when we click next to row#2 from row#1. How

Bootstrap scrollable tab panel content 2016-08-24    1

I'm wondering if I can make the content in my tab panel scrollable. I have tried a couple things but I don't get it sorted. Hopefully someone can help me out. <div class="container"> <div class="row"> <div class="pa

Unable to loop over data-content in a Bootstrap Popover to display Python list data 2016-08-24    1

Unable to loop over data-content in a Bootstrap Popover to display Python list data
I'm currently trying to create a local Dashboard that displays certain information about areas of our product, it does what I initially intended but I wanted to extend the functionality slightly and that is where I'm currently stuck. The Code is writ

Rails Tutorial case sensitive not working 2016-08-24    2

I am following Rails tutorial and after signing up for my site, I am trying to sign in. I recently noticed in my app that if I capitalize my email address, I get the invalid username/password message. I tested the regex on Rubular and it works with c

Smallest audio file: MP3, Ogg, or Wav? 2016-08-24    3

I'm looking for the smallest type of audio file for some javascript to work smoother.3 AnswersOf those three, Ogg would usually be smaller than MP3. Both would be much smaller than the uncompressed WAV. Of course, there may be other factors that come

Bootstrap code in an iframe is not rendered properly 2016-08-24    2

Below is simple html page with an iframe. Inside this iframe are some fluid rows. The problem is now that the content in the iframe is stacked but it should be on the same row. There is enough space for "label" and "main content" to be

Limitations of using a C unit testing framework for testing embedded C++ code 2016-08-24    1

I would like to try using a unit testing framework for testing the code that I write in C, C++ or sometimes IEC languages too. So my question is - is there some big limitation using C-written unit test Framework for testing C++ code that would restra

Twitter's Bootstrap - Form Inputs Too Thin 2016-08-24    4

Twitter's Bootstrap - Form Inputs Too Thin
I'm using Twitter's Bootstrap to create the HTML/CSS for my website. I run into a problem when creating the forms, however: As you can see the inputs are too skinny for the text. I have tested with my own code, as well as copy/pasting the exact code

Add dashes until line break 2016-08-24    2

It is possible to style text so dashes will be added until a line break occurs. Example: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostru

image over div. Cant hover button below 2016-08-24    2

image over div. Cant hover button below
Im running into this problem. I have an image that NEEDS to be in this location over the divs. The leaf of the image needs to go over the div but the image width goes too far and blocks other things in its way. In my case, it blocks the "contact us&q

Move android components in a LinearLayout 2016-08-24    2

I have an Activity which has an EditText programmatically added to a LinearLayout inside a ScrollView. ScrollView <- LinearLayout <- EditText(s) Is possible to rearrange their position by seting X and Y axis or something as Swing does for Components

How to render a view into a string in SailsJS? 2016-08-24    2

In one controller I want to render a certain view with a certain layout to send an email with the resulting string, but I obviously do not need to show the result to the user. Is there a way to use the EJS engine that I'm using to render views to ach